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What to do When You’re Hurt on the Job

It’s an unfortunate fact that not every workplace is safe. No matter where you work, there is some risk that you can be hurt on the job. And while some jobs are inherently more dangerous than others, you can never really avoid the risk altogether. So, what should you do if you’re hurt on the job?

Getting hurt while on the job is different than if you get
hurt someplace else. There are different procedures you need to follow, and if
you don’t, your life could become a lot more complicated. To help you out, here
are the steps you should follow if you become injured on the job.

Get Medical Help

First and foremost, get yourself medical attention. It’s
important that you take care of yourself, so seek whatever medical attention
you need right from the beginning. Whether this is going to the first aid
station at your job, setting up a doctor’s appointment, or rushing to the
What to do When You’re Hurt on the Job