Friday, January 29, 2016

Alternative Investments To Help Ride out Market Volatility

Savvy investors know that the stock market is in trouble this year. 2016 opened with the worst market performance in the last 100 years. Dragged down by crashing oil prices and trouble in China, the major stock indices have taken a brutal hit. Rumours of a second recession are rife (though arguably with little real foundation). If you’re an investor, it’s not time to panic just yet. However, it might be worth spreading your portfolio a little. Ease the nerves by taking some money out of the market, and putting it into alternative investments.

Ships and commercial vehicles

When the market dips, so does the price of industry assets. Especially as the biggest mining and oil companies are at their lowest point in years. Rather than thinking about doom and gloom, consider it the perfect buying opportunity for industrial assets. The mining and oil industries will pick up, and they’ll wa
Alternative Investments To Help Ride out Market Volatility

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