Sunday, February 7, 2016

7 Steps To Heal From a 401K Burn Notice

Imagine you're a secret spy behind enemy lines. You've invested your time, blood, sweat and tears. Day after day you follow your plan to complete a mission successfully. Although you've had a few setbacks you've managed to rise above it all and come home alive. But one day the unthinkable happens. You get a notice from your handler back at Langley that you've been cut off!

There's no support or reason. All they can tell you right now is that you're out of the loop. In spy talk this is known as a "Burn Notice."

In 2008 you may have received your own "Burn Notice." Your financial statement showed you a loss of up to 20%. That's not what you had in mind for retirement. Right now you don't need a financial setback. You need to move forward and build value.

In the popular television show "Burn Notice", our hero has two choices. He can either wallow in his pity and die or bounce
7 Steps To Heal From a 401K Burn Notice

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