Wednesday, February 17, 2016

How The Sharing Economy Can Work With Your Business

The rise and rise of services such as AirBnb and Uber has shown that people love to share. They love to connect with people just like themselves and avoid the impersonality of buying or renting from a big company. This doesn’t mean that businesses can’t embrace these new services, or that the sharing economy is anything new. From neighbours borrowing lawnmowers, to shops developing mutually beneficial relationships, sharing has existed virtually forever. What is new however, is the globalisation of it.

How the sharing economy exploded

The internet made it possible to share your belongings with someone half a world away. AirBnb took the concept of offering your spare room to a friend of a friend and made it into a multi-million dollar business. People all over the globe browse the rooms of strangers in faraway countries, looking for the perfect place to stay on the cheap while on h
How The Sharing Economy Can Work With Your Business

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