Saturday, February 13, 2016

Personal Injury Law & Auto Accidents - FAQ

An auto-related accident takes place nearly every ten seconds in the United States alone. Generally, these accidents are caused by driver's negligence. Consequently, that driver can be held legally responsible for any injuries or damage they have caused to another party.

Can I simply file a claim after an auto accident?

Unfortunately, personal injury law is not so simple. A successful claim must prove negligence on the behalf of the other party.

How is negligence proven?

Several elements may be considered in determining whether or not the driver of the other vehicle acted negligently. Some typical examples of negligence include:

* Disobeying traffic signs (such as red “stop” lights), whether intentionally or unintentionally;
* Driving without regard to road conditions – including dangerous or changing weather conditions;
* Driving above or below the posted traffic speed
Personal Injury Law & Auto Accidents - FAQ

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