Saturday, February 13, 2016

Personal Injury Law: Establishing a Claim

You are at the mall shopping, and the floor in the part of the mall where you are has recently been mopped. There are no signs letting anyone know, nor have any announcements been made. You slip on the wet floor, fall, and break your arm.

The above situation is clearly an example in which you have become the victim of an accident. By definition, however, an accident is a no fault event, whereas it is clear that here you could have avoided the harm caused to you if others had acted more responsibly and made you aware of the dangers. This is a classic personal injury law case – an accident usually resulting in injury to person or property, that someone else may well be responsible for under the law.

Steps to Take if You Think You May Have a Personal Injury Case

If you have experienced something similar to the above example, or you think you may have a personal injury claim a
Personal Injury Law: Establishing a Claim

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