Thursday, February 25, 2016

Six Ways to Increase Fast Payments

For many small businesses, billing and receiving payments can be a bit of a nightmare. For companies with a small number of staff who would rather concentrate on developing their growing business, sending out and chasing up invoices can be a cumbersome process. Even after your invoices have landed on clients’ desks or in their email inboxes, there’s no guarantee that they’ll be paid in a timely manner. If, like many small business owners, you’d like to keep billing as stress-free as possible in order to be able to devote the most amount of time and concentration to your work, it’s important to follow some invoicing best practices.
The sooner that you get an invoice sent out, the more chance that you have of it being paid on time and in full. It may seem like very simple advice, but sending out invoices should be made a priority as the sooner you send them, the sooner you wi
Six Ways to Increase Fast Payments

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