Friday, February 5, 2016

Top 10 Frequently Asked Questions About Pet Insurance

Pet insurance in the United States is gaining popularity ever year. Due to the low cost and wide comprehensive coverage many pet owners in the United States are opting to insure their pets.

When we start reviewing pet insurance to choose a policy there are a few questions that we need to consider, below are 10 common FAQs that you might come across:

Question 1 – Will I get to choose my Veterinarian?

As pet insurance plans are quite similar to general insurance, you will need to check individual plans rules and requirements, check to verify if your local vet is included in the list offered by the insurance company.

Question 2 – Will my pet insurance include prescription coverage?

Many insurance plans have prescription coverage, as it is an important part of the insurance for your pet, as technology and research improves so does the availability of advanced drugs. However n
Top 10 Frequently Asked Questions About Pet Insurance

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