Friday, March 11, 2016

Six Ways To Eliminate Loss From Your Supply Chain

The elimination of loss is a huge part of whether or not a factory or manufacturing process is doing well or doing poorly. Not paying any attention to just how you reduce loss is a quick step to make your business unprofitable. But how do you control loss? The Lean system separates it into seven categories.  Transport. Inventory. Motion. Waiting. Overproduction. Over processing. Then finally, defects. Using these categories, business experts have been able to isolate a collection of tips that can help you spot loss easier than ever.


One of the causes of loss is the fact that you have to wait for a process whenever its operator is unavailable. This is a potential roadblock to any business, but there is a way around it. Cross training is a great way to make sure that none of your human resources are too irreplaceable.


Are you running your own
Six Ways To Eliminate Loss From Your Supply Chain

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