Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Three Practical Styles for the Bearded Professional

From their popularity in Hollywood to their rapid rise amongst hipsters, beards are just about everywhere. As a result, men around the world are putting their razors on the shelf in favor of a more rugged, natural look.

Unfortunately, switching up your style is easier said than done for those of us looking to grow a beard in the professional world. Whether our bosses simply won't allow it or we simply can't endure the  struggle of “the awkward phase” of facial hair, beards and the office environment don't always mix. On one hand, society expects us to be clean-cut professionals; meanwhile, we don't necessarily want to conform to being another clean-shaved face in the crowd.

Thankfully, there's a middle ground between mountain man and businessman.

The key to becoming a bearded professional is choosing a sleek style and properly maintaining your beard by keeping it neat and trim
Three Practical Styles for the Bearded Professional

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