Monday, July 11, 2016

Essential SEO Resources Every Business Owner Needs

One reason why many businesses fail to be a success is that they don’t make use of the resources at your disposal.

Sure, you can make cheese and toast by using a toaster, but it’s much better if you place it under the grill instead.

But why the food-based analogies? Well, it’s important to understand that yes, there are many ways of doing things, but not all of them are ‘the best way.’

And, while it’s possible to perfect your SEO game by doing little or no work, using the vast array of resources at your disposal would be better.

Third-party plugins

Depending on the host that you used to build your site, you’ll have a wildly different set of plugins. Third-party plugins are widgets for your site that improve it in certain areas.

For example, the Yoast SEO plugin for WordPress can help you buff your online game. It tells you exactly how to prune your copy to make it SEO-
Essential SEO Resources Every Business Owner Needs

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