Wednesday, October 12, 2016

The Best Online Courses for Startup Founders

If you’re the creator of a new business, you might feel like your role is to lead your new company and its employees, but have you considered using online courses to build your own knowledge and skillset? There are excellent available opportunities for CEOs and founders to take online courses that can help them better guide and grow their new businesses, but they don’t often take advantage of them.

Entrepreneurial education can be a critical component of not only being an excellent leader but also ensuring your company has staying power and a competitive edge.

Below are some of the best course options for entrepreneurs across all industries.

Entrepreneurship—From Idea to Launch

Available on, Entrepreneurship—From Idea to Launch is an online course that is free of charge and features 32 lectures along with 2 ½ hours of video content. It’s had nearly 69,000 students
The Best Online Courses for Startup Founders

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