Thursday, February 11, 2016

The "Toddler's Secret" For Building a 401K

Okay, folks. This may seem nuts, but it's true. When you think of a five year old, what comes to mind? I personally get visions of Play Do, a messy room and mounds of Lego's. My five year old boy is as normal as they come. But he recently taught me a secret on how to build a 401K.

His secret is so simple I missed it till recently. I realized that if I used it I could start building a 401K for my retirement. In fact I could start small and grow it over time. The Toddler's Secret doesn't require financial expertise or years of mutual fund experience.

One day I was writing an article and he walked out of his room.

"Dad, can I play on the computer?"

He plays this skateboard video game on our desktop. I told him he had to wait. I needed to finish my first writing session in peace. Seven to ten minutes later he came back. After asking the same question he returned to his room
The "Toddler's Secret" For Building a 401K

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